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Driving test tips

How To Prepare For Your Driving Test? 8 Top Driving Test Tips

Can you pass your driving test in a week? Sure, you can! So, how should I prepare for my driving test? What are some of the best driving test tips to pass the test with ease? Passing the driving test can be a tricky challenge for many of us. You have to keep track of […]

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Driving Anxiety

How to Manage Driving Anxiety Efficiently?

Anxiety is very common in our society. There are a lot of things that make people anxious or fearful. Have you ever faced driving anxiety and/or seen someone face it? If yes, then you must have a clear idea of how this anxiety could affect you in various ways. It won’t be wrong for me […]

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passing the driving test Derby

Passing The Driving Test Is Only The Beginning: Why Driving Lessons Are Important For Life

What’s more important – learning how to drive or passing the driving test? Although driving instructors nationwide often focus on their students passing the test, quality training is about more than just passing. At times, competitive markets place a disproportional weight on schools that boast high passing rates. But what if the best driving instructors […]

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4 Tips on How to Prepare for your Driving Test During Lockdown

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an unprecedented impact on life across the whole world. Whilst we are all in lockdown at the moment, we understand that it is a difficult time for learner drivers who have had to put their driving lessons on hold. We understand that learner drivers are eager [...]Continue Reading
Car theory test changes April 2020

Theory Test Changes April 2020 – What’s new?

From 14 April 2020, the car theory test in England, Scotland and Wales will be changing. You’re probably wondering what is different about the new driving theory test. Below is a quick update on what to expect of the new car theory test. How is the new theory test going to be different? You will […]

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learner driver carrying out Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus Course – Benefits Explained

Have you passed your practical driving test? If the answer is yes, then your probably wondering what the benefits of the Pass Plus Course are. What is Pass Plus? The Pass Plus scheme is a driving training course consisting of a minimum of 6 hours of driving safety and skills. Pass Plus is aimed at […]

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driving examiner recording driving test faults

Driving Test Faults – Minors Explained

The most common question a driving instructor is asked by their learner regarding the practical test is ‘How many driving test faults are you allowed on the driving test, before the examiner gives you a fail?’ Driving Test Faults Firstly, let’s explain the three type of faults you can possibly make on the practical test: […]

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Driving Test 2018 – What’s new?

It has been just over 3 months since the new driving test was introduced in England, Scotland and Wales. You’re probably wondering what is different about the new driving test. Below is a quick update on what to expect of the new driving test. Independent Driving The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced a […]

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