What’s more important – learning how to drive or passing the driving test? Although driving instructors nationwide often focus on their students passing the test, quality training is about more than just passing. At times, competitive markets place a disproportional weight on schools that boast high passing rates. But what if the best driving instructors don’t have the highest passing rates?

Driving For Life

More often than not, new drivers are more concerned with passing their driving test than learning tangible skills to last a lifetime. As a result, they embody a ‘quick learning’ mindset that sets them up for failure later in life.

For instance, students who were polled on their motivation to complete driving courses are more likely to report ‘passing the test’ as their primary motivation as opposed to ‘lifelong safety.’

At Fast Pass Driving School, our dedicated team cares about more than just a passing score. The wellbeing of our students always comes first. Although passing scores are an easy way to measure success, we fully understand that a UK driver’s licence, especially in Derby, is about forging powerful habits to last a lifetime.

Benefits From Driving Lessons

More often than not, driving instructors charge unjustifiably high rates for lessons. That’s why at Fast Pass Driving School, we only charge what’s necessary to provide our students with top tier training. By working from us, you’ll learn:

  • The latest safety protocols and rules
  • How to practice defensive driving techniques
  • The need-to-knows for the driving test
  • Road etiquette
  • Driving confidence while reducing recklessness
  • Parking, merging, and turning skills
  • Overall driving best-practices

Driving In Derby

Home to Rolls-Royce, Toyota Manufacturing UK’s headquarters, and the M1 Motorway, Derby has a rich automotive history. At the same time, maintaining best-practices while driving is paramount to the safety of yourself and others. For this reason, taking driving lessons is an exceptional way to decrease the likelihood of accidents while increasing safe driving practices. Additionally, safe drivers are more likely to pay reduced rates for insurance.

Closing Remarks

If you’re someone who is looking for high quality driving instructors in Derby, please feel free to reach out to our Fast Pass Driving School  team today. For more information or to ask any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to driving with you!