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Join Us: Fast Pass Driving School Franchise

Be a part of the success by running a Fast Pass Driving School Franchise!

Why Fast Pass Driving School?

Fast Pass Driving School is primarily based in Derbyshire, but is rapidly expanding. What started out as a family business is now a large organisation taking hundreds of pupils every year. The difference in our school compared to others is the focus we have on our instructors.

A happy instructor means happy pupils, which in turn means more pupils!

One way in which we do this is restricting the amount of instructors we have per area. This allows the instructor to have pupils at a regular rate as they are not competing with other instructors within the company.

To help you in enhancing business, we provide a service of placing advertisements in local newspapers for you, putting up fliers and distributing leaflets.

Our franchise is also great value for money. There is one less thing to worry about when starting out as the first 2 weeks are completely free as well as an additional 2 weeks holiday which can be taken at times when you need them most. As there is no minimum term to the agreement, you have the peace of mind that if your situation may change in the future, you’re not tied in. Furthermore, with no hidden charges, you can plan and budget without any horrible surprises.

With the flexibility of working how many hours you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, our instructors have total control! This puts us in a position of being able to attract pupils as well as keeping our instructors happy, and have the security of the Fast Pass Driving School team behind them.


  • Sensible approach to recruiting instructors
  • No tie-in clause
  • First 2 weeks FREE*
  • £80 p/w franchise fee**
  • 2 weeks franchise holiday pro-rata
  • No hidden costs or pupil fees
  • Regular supply of pupils


*If contract is terminated within 3 months, the first 2 weeks will then be charged at £80 p/w
**£80 p/w excludes car
  • Marketing support including advertising and car livery
  • Full control of the areas, hours and pupils that suit you
  • Options to take refresher lessons, intensive courses, motorway, pass plus
  • Both PDI’s and ADI’s welcome
  • Additional help for those undertaking instructor training
  • Car leasing options available

Fees & Earnings

Your earnings are dependent on the amount of hours you work. Lesson prices can be found here and this is the amount that is to be charged for the particular lesson you are giving.

An £80 p/w franchise fee is charged with the first 2 weeks being free and then any 2 weeks within the year being free too.


The Fast Pass team will provide you with a stream of pupils – this will be through the website, advertisements, leaflets or even word of mouth. We ask that you inform us if you require any new pupils so we can provide them to you, free of charge. Any pupils you do have must be notified to the Fast Pass Driving School Management Team.

Tuition Car

If you have your own car then it must not be older than 5 years. Make and model is not important* as long as it is comfortable for you as you’ll be spending most of your working day in it.

Buying a car is of paramount importance if you need a car regardless of the qualification. If available, a diesel is more fuel efficient.
For those instructors that would like to change their car frequently or are not in a position to buy a car, car leasing is the best option. It can be done over various terms, may that be 6 months or 12 months or even 18 months and can be arranged over a flexible contract. Car leasing options includes everything from dual controls to replacement parts and servicing of the car. Insurance and breakdown cover may also be included.

*Any cars will have to be approved by the Fast Pass Driving School manager first.

Contact Us

For more information or if you are interested in becoming part of the Fast Pass Driving School team please call 01332 916196 or email your enquiries to [email protected]. Alternatively you can contact us through our enquiry form.