The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an unprecedented impact on life across the whole world. Whilst we are all in lockdown at the moment, we understand that it is a difficult time for learner drivers who have had to put their driving lessons on hold. We understand that learner drivers are eager to drive, so we have 4 driving tips during lockdown to help you prepare you for your driving test.

Whilst it is tempting to take advantage of the quiet roads and practice with a family member, you must remember that current government instructions state that you must only leave your home for essential trips. The NHS is already under tremendous pressure and having fewer cars on the road will reduce the chances of serious road collisions.


Before you can actually sit your practical driving test you have to pass your theory test. This part of getting a licence is often overlooked. The 2019/2020 theory test pass rate was 47.7%, which shows that just over half of all people who sat the test failed it. The main reason people are failing their theory test is because they are turning up unprepared.

Before lockdown, the idea of preparing for your theory test might not have been very high up on your priority list. Rather than putting it off any longer, why not prepare for it now? As with anything in life, if you wan to achieve a first-time pass, preparation is key.


Are you bored of watching Netflix? There are lots of driving tutorial videos available on YouTube that you can be watching. No matter what stage you’re at on your driving journey, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced learner, there are videos on YouTube to suit all levels of experience.

If you’re a beginner, you can recap what you have done up until now. This can be done by watching videos on topics you’ve covered, for example junctions. If you’ve not yet covered a particular topic on your driving lessons, for example roundabouts, then feel free to watch these videos as this will give you a head start when you continue with your lessons. If you’re an experienced learner but struggle on a particular topic like reverse parking, then now is the time to watch parking videos.


You will be asked 2 vehicle safety questions at the start of your practical driving test. The examiner will ask you one tell me question at the start of the test when the car isn’t moving. This is where you will have to EXPLAIN how to carry out a safety task. The other question will be a show me question which will be asked whilst you are driving. This is where you will have to SHOW the examiner how to carry out a safety task.

Whilst you’re at home you can make full use of your time by learning the answers to these questions. This will save you time and money when you resume with your driving lessons. A full list of the show me, tell me questions can be found here.


Now that you’re at home, why not ask a member of the family to show you how to do some basic, yet essential car maintenance. You can get a family member who owns a car to show you how to do the following tasks:

  • Check and top-up engine oil if necessary
  • Check and top-up engine coolant if necessary
  • Identify where the brake fluid is and top-up if necessary
  • Check and top-up screen wash
  • Check tyre pressure and tyre condition

If you’re quite hands-on and confident, then you can get someone to teach you how to carry out more complex tasks such as:

  • Changing a tyre
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Changing windscreen wipers.

Although some of these tasks will not feature on the driving test, you will no doubt one day be required to carry them out.


A Word of Advice

We understand that a lot of learners will be looking to go away to university and would have wanted to pass their driving test before they go. Fast Pass Driving School offer intensive driving courses in Derby for those who need to pass as quickly as possible. We also offer driving lessons in Derby for those who would like to start once the lockdown is over. If you’re interested in driving lessons then please do not hesitate to contact us, as our office is still open. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow our driving tips during lockdown to get a head start.

Just a reminder that government guidelines have instructed everyone to remain home during this coronavirus pandemic. Stay Safe.