Have you passed your practical driving test? If the answer is yes, then your probably wondering what the benefits of the Pass Plus Course are.

What is Pass Plus?

The Pass Plus scheme is a driving training course consisting of a minimum of 6 hours of driving safety and skills. Pass Plus is aimed at those drivers who want to further develop their driving skills and increase their confidence in driving i.e. driving on a motorway or driving at night.

What does the Pass Plus Course involve?

The Pass Plus course consists of 6 modules covering the following aspects of driving:

Town Driving

This modules teaches how to navigate complex junctions and busy roads, using your observational and awareness skills.  You will be shown the need for space around your car as well as the needs of other road users.

All Weather Conditions Driving

You are taught the different affects varying weather conditions have on a car’s behavior. You will be introduced to the reasons as to why slower driving may be effective as well as the concept of skidding and how it can be avoided.

Rural Roads Driving

This module is designed to show you how to navigate blind bends, slow vehicles and animals and overtaking safely.

Night Time Driving

As a driver, you need to be able to drive more confidently in the dark. This module includes judging distance, dazzle from other drivers, distractions and manoeuvring at night.

Dual Carriageways

You will already have experience driving on dual carriageways, however this module will bring more experience on this. You will get experience on observation, safe driving distances, using slip roads and changing of lanes safely.


Motorway driving will be a whole new experience to passed drivers. You will learn about correct lane use, safety and observations, overtaking, what happens if you break down and all motorway rules.

What are the benefits of Pass Plus?

There are many benefits of taking the Pass Plus course once you have passed your practical driving test. In addition to gaining broader skills on the road, you will have increased confidence behind the wheel. Your driving lessons may not have given you all the valuable experience you need, so the Pass Plus course is perfect for improving your competence in varying conditions.